According to local media, the updated SAM system is head and shoulders ahead of its closest competitors.

Egyptian media called the Russian S-500 anti-aircraft missile system the best and superior in characteristics to other SAMS around the world. The Egyptian publication Sasapost told.

Russia’s release of the S-500 opened a new page of warfare, according to the Egyptians. If the previous version of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system was already superior to all similar analogs, the updated system is head and shoulders ahead of its closest competitors: the American patriot and THAAD SAMS. Now the system can hit not only medium-range missiles but also targets in near space, as well as intercept any weapons launched from a drone. The height of the target is up to 200 kilometers, and at a time, the S-500 can shoot down up to 10 ballistic missiles that fly at a speed of up to 25 thousand kilometers per hour.

“These characteristics turn the Russian complex into a global threat, which the world is forced to watch in silence,” the author emphasizes.

Thus, Egypt is confident that the appearance of the S-500 marks a new era in defense of countries and the conduct of wars.