The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued large fines to air passengers for uncontrolled behavior while intoxicated.

As in many other countries, federal law in the United States prohibits passengers from drinking alcohol on board an airplane unless it was offered by a flight attendant.

Nevertheless, since January 1, 2021, the FAA has received almost 300 reports of violations by passengers under the influence of alcohol. The FAA reports interesting details about the eight most “violent” passengers.

So, a fine of $ 40,823 was presented to a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight dated April 15, 2021, from San Jose to San Diego, California. The passenger drank the alcohol he brought with him during the flight and continued to do so after the flight attendant reminded him that it was forbidden. Then he reportedly undertook sexual harassment against a flight attendant. But this is not enough. During the approach to San Diego, he locked himself in the toilet and lit marijuana. The crew reported what was happening to ground services and upon arrival, the flight was met by the police, the passenger was arrested. The last to be added to the listed charges was resisting arrest.

The “place of honor” in terms of the amount of the fine for drunkenness on board belongs to a passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight, a flight dated March 31, 2021, from Fort Meyers, Florida, to Detroit, Michigan. According to the FAA, the brawler repeatedly removed the mask, although cabin crew members told him several times that it should remain on during the entire flight. He began insulting other passengers and even accused them of stealing his property. After the flight attendants once again asked him to calm down, he shouted to one of them: “This is America. This is freedom of speech. What’s not clear here?” The passenger was taken to the last row, and one of the crew members sat next to him, as he began to pose a threat to flight safety. But he did not calm down there either: he jumped up from his seat, and standing close to the flight attendant, poked in her face with his finger shouting: “Hey, you!” As a result, the commander was forced to make a decision to deviate from the route and land in Atlanta, Georgia. The police met the brawler at the exit. The passenger admitted that he had drunk heavily at the airport. He faces a fine of 24 thousand dollars.

A flight to a naughty booze lover on a JetBlue Airlines flight will cost 17 thousand dollars. Flight from April 16, 2021, from New York to Guayaquil, Ecuador. According to the FAA, the passenger consumed alcohol, which the flight attendants did not offer him, and then defecated on the toilet floor, verbally insulted the cabin crew, and at the same time refused to follow the instructions for wearing a mask. The flight did not reach the border: it was redirected to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the passenger was detained.

Just a thousand dollars less was announced to a passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight on January 24, 2021, from San Francisco, California, to Atlanta, Georgia. The woman was twice reminded that she could not drink her own mini-bottles of alcohol during the flight. But when the stewardess approached her once again, the passenger defiantly finished off another bottle in front of her, listening to the retelling of the rules on the inadmissibility of drunkenness on board. The passenger lowered the mask and, coming close to the stewardess’s face, began to demand from her to call the employee’s service number… The commander landed in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the passenger was detained.

A $34,250 fine was announced to a passenger on an American Airlines flight dated March 14, 2021, from Dallas, Texas, to Burbank, California. The FAA claims that he refused to put on the mask several times and fell asleep without it. When he woke up, he said that he wanted to refund the money for the flight, because while he was sleeping, he was bypassed with food and drinks, after which he demanded alcohol as compensation. For the rest of the flight, he refused to put on a mask, claiming that he was drinking, and to prove it, he raised an empty glass to his lips. He threw another glass on the floor and trampled it, shouting curses…

A passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight from Dallas, Texas, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a stop in Nashville, Tennessee, was fined $12,500. The FAA claims that during the flight, flight attendants had to ask the passenger several times to put the mask on his mouth and nose correctly. During a stopover in Nashville, he consumed his own alcohol, mixing it with a soft drink. The stewardess told him that it was forbidden and confiscated the drink. After a Southwest Airlines operative boarded the plane and told him not to drink anymore, he seemed to agree. However, on the second leg of the flight, he went to the toilet, mixed his alcohol with a soft drink again, and threw an empty liquor bottle into the toilet. When the flight attendants tried to confiscate the drink, he defiantly drank it. Subsequently, flight attendants found several empty mini bottles of alcohol belonging to this man.