Elden Ring has become the undisputed leader of the recent UK retail chart, with opening sales of the action role-playing game surpassing those of all other Souls-like games.

Previously, Dark Souls III showed the most successful retail launch in the region, but the new product bypasses it at the start by 26%. And yes, that’s not counting digital sales, which have grown significantly since 2016. All in all, Elden Ring has the third-largest UK retail debut this year, with the action-RPG surpassing Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Horizon Forbidden West.

Speaking of them, former leader Forbidden West fell to second place after a 79% drop in sales, while Pokémon ended up in third place, although their figures increased by 5%. In addition, Dying Light 2 dropped from third to seventh position, sales of which decreased by another 55%.

Also of interest: the recently released GRID Legends could only start from position 18, and the updated Grand Theft Auto trilogy returned to the top 10.