The creators of Elden Ring, intending to fulfill their promises to improve the game, have released the first post-release update 1.02.1, which is available on PC and PS5.

The developers noted that the following items should be implemented on computers:

  • Fixed some Elden Ring launch issues due to Easy Anti-Cheat.
  • Improved mouse control (in particular, related to excessive sensitivity);
  • Reduced the number of files that need to be downloaded when moving to a new area.

At the same time, on PS5, a bug has been fixed that causes sudden crashes from the game.

Recall that Elden Ring was released the day before yesterday, February 25, on PC, as well as both generations of PlayStation and Xbox. Critics rated the game very highly, but users – especially on computers – faced a lot of problems. Before the release, the role-playing action received a patch patch 1.02.