Four lines of the fresh Steam chart at once, where games are sorted by revenue for seven days, were occupied by different editions of Elden Ring, which is located, among other things, in the first three places.

Critics praised the role-playing action very much, calling it a FromSoftware masterpiece, but the players met it much cooler after the release, noting shortcomings on the PC. Since then, however, Elden Ring has received an update that fixes some bugs, and the developers have indicated that they intend to actively improve the game.
The peak online news on Steam a couple of hours ago was approaching 900 thousand people, but so far it has not exceeded this mark.

Also two lines in the top 10 Steam this week took the Destiny 2: Witch Queen expansion, and another novelty (though only in some Western regions) was the Steam Deck console – players finally got the opportunity to purchase the device. Demand for it turned out to be noticeably higher than supply, but Valve does not intend to raise its price.