At the end of January, Lucasfilm Games was resurrected, causing Electronic Arts to lose its Star Wars exclusivity. Nevertheless, judging by the financial statements, the company will be left with nothing.

What is known
At the investor gathering, EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that the Star Wars franchise generated $3 billion in net profit. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Galaxy of Heroes, Battlefront, Jedi: Fallen Order, and Star Wars Squadrons jointly earned this amount.

Also, EA sold 52 million Star Wars games, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes alone made $1 billion.

Wilson also noted that EA would continue to develop the Star Wars gaming universe. According to the CEO, the fact that other developers have joined the franchise will not affect the company.

“You can expect us to continue to invest in our relationship with Star Wars. We are pleased about what we can do in the future, and we should not take it as if we will release fewer projects.”