EA continues to patent technology. This time, instead of a scheme to extract money from players, the company figured out how to simplify access to games.

Electronic Arts have nicknamed the technology “dynamic streaming video game client“. The bottom line is that the system looks at whether the game is installed on the user’s computer. If not, then the entertainment is launched by streaming on the EA servers, and in parallel, the client downloads the necessary resources for installation. When the game is downloaded to the PC, the system will automatically switch the user to the offline version of the game.

The technology will not save players from downloading, but will save time and dive into virtual worlds immediately after purchase.

However, the idea is not new. Modern consoles already allow you to download a small part of the game and complete the first couple of tasks while the rest is downloaded in the background. In addition, EA’s idea may face an obstacle in the form of a lack of a sufficiently powerful network for players. Cloud gaming itself requires high speeds, not to mention downloading a huge file in parallel.