This year is very important for the whole of the UK. Elizabeth II is the first monarch of the country who was lucky enough to celebrate the “platinum anniversary” of her reign.

This year, February 6 is a very important date for the entire British royal family. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the 70th anniversary of her reign.

In honor of the “platinum” anniversary (96-year-old Elizabeth became the first British queen to celebrate such an impressive reign date) the monarch hosted a reception for members of the local community and volunteer groups at her residence Sandringham House in Norfolk County.

The event was filled with symbolic traditions: the hero of the occasion cut a cake specially prepared for this occasion by a local resident. And she was also presented with a bouquet of flowers that were at Her Majesty’s coronation.

As part of the celebration, various mass celebrations and events will be held throughout the UK throughout the year — most of which have been postponed due to weather conditions for the summer. Also, the British will have three official days off — from 2 to 5 June.

Elizabeth was crowned on the day of her father’s death — King George the Sixth. But after her, her son, Prince Charles, will ascend to the throne. The title of queen will go to his wife — Camilla Parker-Bowles

As you know, some time ago, Charles’s wife refused the title of Princess of Wales, because that was the name of Princess Diana. And the relationship of the British to the prince’s new chosen one is already quite tense…

“The Duchess of Cornwall fully deserves this title. She won’t outshine Charles when he becomes king, but she will be the power behind the throne, giving him the confidence and courage he needs,” Camilla’s biographer Penny Junor says.

The reign of Elizabeth II had a huge number of very different events that radically changed our ideas about life. For example, the monarch observed with her own eyes all aspects of the technological revolution and the transition from television and radio to online media. And she is also forced to do everything possible to ensure that the monarchy does not disintegrate — even after all the scandals.

“Change has become a constant feature of our lives. It takes discipline to get the better of them. The way we treat them determines our future,” the queen addressed in the early noughties.

In honor of an important event, the Queen published a whole letter to the British people. There she thanked everyone for their support and honored the memory of her beloved spouse.

“Over the past seven decades, we have witnessed extraordinary social, technological and cultural progress that has benefited all of us. I was lucky to have the support of my loving family. I was also lucky that in the person of Prince Philip I had a partner who was ready to proudly bear the title of spouse and selflessly make any sacrifices,” Elizabeth II writes.