Elon Musk announced the date for the next big Tesla presentation titled AI Day and added that the event will take place on August 19 this year. All this, according to tradition, the CEO of Tesla announced in a laconic tweet.

Tesla’s CEO first mentioned AI Day last month when he announced that the presentation would take place no later than a month or a month and a half later. Elon Musk then said that many details will be announced at the event about the success of the Tesla AI team in specialized software and hardware, the machine learning models used by his car company, the training of algorithms with elements of artificial intelligence, and the inferences that those algorithms come to.

Undoubtedly, one of the main topics of this presentation will be the Tesla Autopilot car autopilot, which has received a number of updates over the past few months. The details of the Tesla Vision model are also expected to be announced, which implies a complete rejection of the use of lidars and radars.

News is also expected of a new processor that will power the next-generation HW 4.0 hardware platform and the Dojo supercomputer, which is capable of handling the huge streams of visual data that are growing with Tesla’s fleet of EVs.