Elon Musk said that Tesla’s Cybertruck electric pickup will enter the market in 2023. This is reported by the publication Engadget. Musk announced this at the presentation of Cyber Rodeo on the occasion of the opening of the Giga Texas plant.

During the event, the founder of Tesla demonstrated how the production model of Cybertruck will look like. According to journalists, the final version of the model is no different from the earlier one, but the new version does not have door handles. Musk noted that the car will open the doors on its own when the owner approaches it.

Musk also apologized to consumers for disrupting the timing of the car’s release. Cybertruck was announced in 2019 and was supposed to go on sale first in 2021, and then in 2022. The head of Tesla noted that the car will be produced at a new plant in Texas, which will become the largest enterprise of the corporation in the United States.

“This year is dedicated to the expansion of production — a scale that no company has ever achieved in the history of mankind,” said Elon Musk. Also in 2022, the Tesla Semi electric truck should go on sale.

In the fall, Musk announced that Tesla will not have time to release an electric Cybertruck pickup truck until 2022. According to the entrepreneur, the delay is due to the difficult situation in the semiconductor market.