The British firm Engineered Arts has published a video with an android from the Mesmer project, which can demonstrate various facial expressions.

The Mesmer robot runs an operating system from a company called Tritium, making it easy to program and control from remote locations. Interestingly, the company’s robots are also equipped with telepresence software called Tinman, which allows owners to interact with people around the robot while in a different location. The company states that no technical knowledge is required to operate the Mesmer as it can be authorized using a browser or any internet device.

Engineered Arts recently shared another video featuring the Ameca robot that displays the most accurate human facial expressions.

Elon Musk reacted to this video: “Real androids will appear soon.”

The company itself writes about its Mesmer robots:

“Expressive like nothing else, it can display a wide range of human emotions. Each Mesmer robot is designed and built from internal 3D scans of real people, allowing us to convincingly mimic the structure of human bones, skin texture and facial expressions.”