Elon Musk: The first tourists to Mars do not return to Earth

The head of the American company SpaceX, Elon Musk, to fly to Mars need to prepare to die outside of Earth. The statement by the engineer and businessman, which he made in an interview with the founder of the X Prize Foundation Peter Diamandis, is quoted by Fox Business.

On a mission to Mars, Musk said, “you might die, be uncomfortable, and probably won’t have good food.” In his opinion, the invitation to visit the Red Planet must indicate that astronauts, colonialists and tourists may not return home. The founder of aerospace company SpaceX added that it will be “a difficult and dangerous journey.” At the same time, Musk added that the first people on Mars should be volunteers who will have a “great adventure.”

“To be honest, a group of people will probably die at the very beginning of the journey,” Musk added, but noted the mission’s “amazing experience”.

“This mission is not for everyone,” the businessman concluded. “We only need volunteers!”

SpaceX has launched over 100 rockets in the past decade. Some of them exploded or crashed. Musk predicted the landing of humans on Mars by 2026 and the creation of a city on the Red Planet with a population of 1 million.

Earlier, in June 2016, the head of SpaceX, in an interview with The Washington Post, compared the planned start of the colonization of Mars with the development of North America by the British.

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