Elon Musk’s satellite Internet has reached a record speed

Elon Musk’s satellite Internet in the United States has reached the speed of a broadband Internet connection. This is reported on the website of the Speedtest service from Ookla.

The company’s specialists analyzed the speed of Starlink around the world and compared it with the indicators of other providers and Internet services. The report showed that in some regions, the speed of Starlink is approaching the speed of conventional wired Internet. Also, the satellite network from the company of Elon Musk surpasses its competitors in this segment.

In particular, in the second quarter of the year in the United States, the average speed of Starlink scored a record 97.23 megabits per second. According to experts, this is not far from the average speed of a broadband Internet connection in the region, which is 115.22 megabits per second. The actual download speed via Starlink and broadband connection is 13.89 and 17.18 megabits per second, respectively.

In the markets of Canada, New Zealand, and the UK, the Starlink offer is preferable to the offer of traditional providers. For example, in Canada, the speed of Starlink and traditional Internet connection was 86.92 and 84.24 megabits per second, respectively. In New Zealand — 127.02 and 78.85 megabits per second, in the UK-108.3 and 50.14 megabits per second, respectively.

Ookla analysts also found out that Elon Musk’s service is currently superior to its competitors. For example, the average speed of the popular satellite provider HughesNet was 19.73 megabits per second.

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