The 33-year-old singer Grimes showed Instagram followers a new tattoo. Beloved of Elon Musk decorated her back with a bizarre pattern, which so far looks more like scarification and not a tattoo.

“There is no normal photo because it hurts a lot, and I need to get some sleep. It will be red for several weeks. But then it will look like beautiful alien scars, ” Grimes signed the photo. The singer indicated that the artist Nosy Kero and the tattoo artist Tweakt worked on the microblogging image.

On his page, Kero explained that Tweakt sketched the Grimes tattoo on an iPad, then “translated it into 3D and added lines and shapes to the drawing based on mathematical rules.” The artist noted that the Grimes tattoo was applied in one session and will “serve as a protection for the singer.”

This is not the first “space” tattoo by Grimes: she also has an alien head on her left hand and the planet Jupiter’s alchemical symbol on her finger. The singer’s body is also adorned with drawings inspired by the game The Legend of Zelda and the Lord of the Rings universe.