On February 11, 32-year-old famous model Elsa Hosk became a mother for the first time – the star and her boyfriend Tom Daly had a daughter named Tuulikki Joan. Hosk recently showed how her body has changed after giving birth and published a picture in lace lingerie.

Elsa wrote that she appreciates and loves all the body’s imperfections and her little belly, which remained with her after giving birth.

The ever-changing female body, the loose skin of my belly, the small belly, all the imperfections, stretch marks and reminders that you took care of another life for nine months, I want to say that I appreciate and love you. I’m sorry that I mistreated you, worrying about the very things that make you so beautiful and strong. I love you – she turned to her body.

Hosk’s subscribers thanked her for her candour and noted that it is essential to see such messages from celebrities.

However, some of the model’s impulse did not appreciate, noting that it was not for her to talk about love for a body with such a beautiful figure just over a month after giving birth.

Hosk also spoke frankly about her birth. The model admitted that she experienced excruciating pain before her daughter was born.

Birth is really a confrontation with yourself, your fears and doubts. This is the worst pain, fear and darkness that I have ever experienced, – she shared.