Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke does not like to share the details of her personal life. The actress was seen on a walk in a London park in the company of a mysterious stranger. Finally, the Daily Mail declassified his identity. It turned out that the 33-year-old actress is dating an assistant director named Tom Turner.

According to media reports, Tom, who worked on projects such as ‘Rogue One. Star Wars Story’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels’, had a relationship with 36-year-old actress Rebecca Ferguson. The reason for the separation, according to the sources, was the “age difference”. With Clark, they became close, allegedly because of their love for dogs:

Emilia and Tom are together, he is very passionate about her. He’s used to hanging out with A-list actors, that’s his job.

In May of this year, Emilia said in an interview that she was lonely, noting that she was considering someone who was not related to acting as a life partner:

I am not married, open to acquaintances. I used to meet with actors, but now I would not want to.

Last year, it became known that Emilia broke up with her boyfriend – director Charlie MacDowell.