On March 8, 29-year-old Emily Raczkowski and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard became parents. The model gave birth to a son. The baby was named Sylvester. Emily shared her good news on her Instagram page.

“Sylvester Apollo Bear has joined us on Earth. Sly was born on 3/8/21, on a very unusual, beautiful and love-filled morning of my life, ” Raczkowski wrote and accompanied the post with a photo with a baby.

Ashley Graham was one of the first to react to its publication: “Welcome to the world, Sly!”

Emily announced the pregnancy in October. In her essay for American Vogue, she shared her thoughts on the unborn child, noting that “she will not know the gender of her child until his 18th birthday” and will give him the freedom to gender identity.

Emily wrote: “We realized that we would not know the gender of the child until he was 18 – then he will tell us himself. It makes everyone laugh. However, the topic is more important than what genitals the baby will have: we have no idea growing in my stomach. Who will this person become? I want to be the kind of parent who will allow the child to prove himself. Hopefully, he can find a place in this world. But he will definitely face gender restrictions and differences even before he starts talking, walking, and even before he is born. “