Eminem’s daughter comes out as a non-binary

No sooner had passions abated over the recent suicide attempt of Eminem’s ex-wife, 46-year-old Kimberly Ann Scott, as the news of the 48-year-old rapper’s family is back on the agenda. This time, the media spotlight was Kimberly’s 19-year-old daughter, Whitney, whom Eminem adopted as a girl. Whitney came out the other day as a non-binary person and asked to be called Stevie. She made this statement on TikTok, and her family supported her.

Stevie posted a slideshow of his teenage photos with the caption “she”, which were then replaced by actual photos with the word “they.” Stevie allows him to be addressed in masculine (using the pronoun “he”) and feminine (“she”), as well as in the plural (“they”).

Posting pictures of himself with short hair and piercings in his nose, Stevie wrote: “Watch me get more confident” and “I am constantly growing and changing”, putting the hashtags “gender fickle”, “bi” and “non-binary” in several posts. Stevie’s sister Haley Jade, 25, liked the post claiming non-binary, expressing her support.

In 2017, Stevie announced his bisexuality.

As a reminder, Eminem adopted a teenager formerly known as Whitney in 2005 after reuniting with Whitney’s mother, Kimberly Ann Scott, after a long breakup. Their renewed union, however, did not last long, but even after the breakup, the rapper did not stop caring for their joint children: Whitney’s adoptive and native Hayley Jade. The rapper has another adopted daughter, Alaina, whose mother, twin sister Kimberly Don Scott, passed away from a drug overdose.

Stevie had a difficult fate. Kimberly gave birth to Stevie six months after her divorce from Eminem in 2001 – at the time, Eminem was already Hailey’s father. The rapper adopted Stevie in 2005, after reconciling with his ex-wife Kimberly, and has previously talked about how he wanted to provide a stable environment for his child, even though it wasn’t easy. Stevie’s mother, Kimberly, has a tendency to depression and has repeatedly attempted suicide. Stevie’s biological father, tattoo artist Eric Hartter, died of a drug overdose in 2019.

Eminem tried to protect children from the press, only once he gave an interview to Rolling Stone in 2004, where he talked about raising children and his ex-wife who abused psychotropic substances.

The child should not be allowed to feel that it is he who is to blame for what is happening. You just have to let him know: “Mom has a problem, she is sick, and it is not because she does not love you. She loves you, but now she is sick, and until she gets better, you have a dad. And I here, “the rapper told about his ways of raising children.

Recall that Stevie’s mother, Kimberly, was hospitalized again two weeks ago after attempting suicide. It is reported that Kim’s exacerbation began amid worries about the death of her mother in late July and chronic depression.

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