The 46-year-old ex-wife of the 48-year-old rapper Eminem and the mother of his only biological daughter, Hayley Kimberly, Anne Scott, made another suicide attempt about two weeks ago. As the portal TMZ reports, on July 30, the police responded to a call from Kimberly’s neighbors, who said that she was going to commit suicide. At the address of the house of the ex-wife of the rapper in Michigan, emergency services immediately left and found the hostess next to a pool of blood.

When trying to take Scott to the hospital, she showed desperate resistance: according to the portal, Kim was held back with difficulty by the sheriff’s deputies, and the paramedics were not even able to check her vital signs on the spot. However, Eminem’s ex-wife was still taken to the hospital. After a medical and psychological examination, the patient was allowed to go home for further recovery. It is not known whether Kimberly is now receiving any additional assistance from specialists.

By the way, this is not the first attempt by Kimberly Ann Scott to commit suicide. In 2015, she had a serious accident, and after a while admitted that in this way she wanted to commit suicide.

“I was on a road where there was no one else but me. I drank, took the pills and hit the gas, driving the car into the pole”, said Kim about the suicide attempt.

Three months after the accident, Kimberly began treatment for her depression. Even more her psychological state was aggravated by the death of her twin sister Don Scott, who died of a drug overdose. By the way, after leaving this life, Don Eminem took custody of her daughter Alaina, and also adopted the youngest daughter Kimberly from other relationships.

Eminem and Kimberly’s relationship has always been pretty rocky. They met while still teenagers: then Kimberly, together with her sister Don, ran away from home and for some time settled with Eminem and his mother. In 1995, the rapper and his lover had a daughter, Hayley, and in 1999 they got married. A year later, their marriage fell apart – this happened shortly after Kimberly was detained for the second time for drunk driving. In 2006, they remarried, which lasted only a few months. After that, rumors about the reunion of the rapper and the writer appeared in the press many times, but in 2010 Eminem officially denied this information.