Emma Corrin, who played Princess Diana in The Crown, explains how she got the role

Emma Corrin was not in demand in the profession.

Emma Corrin, who portrays Princess Diana in The Crown, talks about how she managed to get the role of the mother of Prince Harry and William in The Crown.

Before her debut in the project, the 25-year-old actress from Great Britain was practically unknown: many directors and screenwriters refused her roles and auditions. At some point, Corrin was even ready to give up, because she was tired of fighting the system.

And then the actress was lucky. True, then Emma was called not for the main role, but as an assistant at the auditions. The dramatist of the series, Peter Morgan, previously wrote several scenes with Camilla and Diana. Emma had to come and read them.

“This was not my audition. I was paid to help, and I was not going to get up in front of the camera,”- said the actress.

After a long argument with the agent, Corrin decided to prepare for the role as if she were already playing Diana. This was the reason for the final success.

“This is the ideal situation because it was an audition without pressure,” Us Magazine quotes her as saying.

Immediately after auditioning, Corrin contacted her director and stated that she felt that she would get the role. The girl’s intuition did not disappoint: she really got the role of Princess Diana and performed it in such a way that no one had any doubts that the producers made the right choice. A year later, Corrin received a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

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