Emma Roberts and her lover Garrett Hedlund are preparing to become parents. On Thanksgiving Day, which was celebrated in the United States yesterday, Emma shared a cute photo with her followers on Instagram, in which she showed a grown round tummy, posing against the background of a decorated Christmas tree.

“I am very thankful. I send love to everyone, ” wrote Roberts on the microblog.

Together with her photo, Emma posted several frames with dishes that she served on the festive table. These included creamy corn casserole, cheese, cold cuts and cake.

The fact that Emma and her boyfriend will become parents became known in June thanks to the paparazzi. For both, this will be the first child. At the end of August, the actress spoke about her situation and noted that she would have a son.

Garrett and Emma have been together since spring 2019. Before that, they were friends for a long time but became closer after Emma broke up with Evan Peters, with whom she was in a relationship for 10 years.

Earlier it became known that this year Garrett was arrested twice for drunk driving. Following the arrests, Hedlund voluntarily agreed to 30-day inpatient treatment for alcoholism and a nine-month alcohol and drug addiction counselling program. He then volunteered for another course of treatment. “Now he’s okay, he’s out of it,” says a source from the actor’s circle.