Emma Stone said that Disney’s tough policy on bad habits prevented her from getting used to the role of Cruella de Ville. the actress could not complement the image with a mouthpiece, with which the cartoon villainess did not part.

“It’s banned in 2021,” Emma told the New York Times.

The studio has been fighting smoking for over 10 years and eliminating scenes with cigarettes from all of its films, as well as projects from Lucasfilm, Marvel and Pixar.

“We’re not allowed to smoke on screen in a Disney movie. It was difficult without a mouthpiece, but I certainly don’t want to promote smoking,” said the actress.

But Emma really liked working with the dogs, although she noted the strict nature of the four-legged artists.

“That was the best part, by far. It was so much fun. Except that they don’t let you treat them the way you would treat your pet at home,” she said.

We add that the actress recently denied rumors about her participation in the project “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” So, in the role of Gwen Stacy in the near future, fans will not see Emma.