It seems that Emma Watson had a choice between career and personal life, and so far, the actress has chosen her personal life. According to the Daily Mail, an agent of the Harry Potter star revealed that Emma is currently “inactive.” According to him, Watson has moved away from acting and is not yet taking on new obligations.

It can be assumed that this is due to recent rumours about Emma’s relationship with Leo Robinton. Watson herself has not yet shared the news about her personal life, but a couple of weeks ago she was seen with Leo at the Los Angeles airport. The couple hugged and kissed, and attentive fans of Emma saw a ring on her ring finger.

A Daily Mail source said that Emma “went underground and wants to arrange her life with Leo, so while they lay low.” “Perhaps Emma wants a family,” the informant said.

Watson has been seen with Robinton before. According to rumours, young people have been dating for about 18 months. According to insiders, Emma and Leo have a serious relationship, and the actress has already introduced the chosen one to her parents. Sources also note that the couple “is doing everything to protect their relationship from public scrutiny.”

Very little is known about Watson’s chosen one. Last year, journalists found out that Leo is 30 years old, he does business in California; for some time, he worked for a company specialising in legal cannabis. It is also known that he has a twin brother and two sisters, one of whom follows Emma on Instagram.