According to preliminary data, Macron receives 28.6% of the vote, Le Pen – 24.4% of the vote.

The current President of France Emmanuel Macron and the candidate of the “National Assembly” Marine Le Pen are leading the results of the first round of the presidential elections in France. This was reported on Sunday by the BFMTV channel.

According to preliminary data, Macron receives 28.5% of the vote, Le Pen – 24.2% of the vote.

In the last election in 2017, Macron received 24% in the first round, Le Pen – 21.3%. In the second round, Macron won, gaining 66.1%. Le Pen was supported by 33.9% of voters.

The leader of the “Disobedient France” Jean-Luc Melenchon gains 20.2%, the founder of the “Reconquista” movement Eric Zemmour – 7.1%. The head of the Ile-de-France metropolitan region, the candidate of the “Republicans” Valerie Pecresse – 5.1%, the mayor of Paris, the candidate of the Socialist Party Anne Hidalgo – 1.9%.

Voting in the second round

The candidate of “Disobeying France” Jean-Luc Melenchon urged not to vote for Le Pen in the second round of elections. “I do not urge you to vote for Emmanuel Macron, but do not cast your votes for Marine Le Pen,” he addressed his supporters.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo called on her supporters to support the incumbent French President Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election. “The results of the first round indicate that France is split,” Hidalgo said at a press conference in Paris. “So that France does not turn into a battlefield of all against all, I urge you to vote for Emmanuel Macron,” she said.

The presidential candidate from the Republicans party, Valerie Pecresse, during an appeal to voters, admitted defeat in the first round and announced her intention to vote for the re-election of the incumbent head of state in the second round.

“Despite the deep differences that I have been talking about throughout the campaign, I would have deliberately voted for Emmanuel Macron to prevent Marine Le Pen from coming to power,” Pecresse said. “I do not control the votes that were cast for me, but I ask the voters who have expressed confidence in me to seriously weigh in the coming days the potentially disastrous consequences for our country and future generations that the choice in the second round may have.”

The founder of the Reconquista movement, Eric Zemmour, called for voting for Marine Le Pen in the second round. This was reported by Reuters.