Engineer has created a robotic arm that can “breathe” on its own

n engineer from the UK has created a smart prosthetic hand. Thanks to machine learning, he himself can decide how to move.

James Bruton is a British robotics expert, electrical and mechanical engineer. On the network he has already been nicknamed “the main cosplayer of” Iron Man “”. He recently created a prosthesis that can move independently.

In development, he used machine learning and a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The engineer himself 3D printed his hand. In the video below, he uses the movements of his AI prosthesis in a suit to capture motion. Recall that motion capture is a method of digitizing the movements of a person or animal, used for subsequent analysis and creation of animation (or, as in this case, for training neural networks).

The hand itself is attached to a special backpack and already performs simple actions. For example, it rises and falls. The author of the development explains that in the future he will add more sensors to detect actions. He also plans to use electromyography to detect brain waves through the headband rather than using subcutaneous probes.

Also on account of the inventor is the prototype of the Hulkbuster suit of the same “Iron Man” from the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron”.

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