Turkish President Recep Erdogan confirmed his commitment to the deal with Russia for the supply of S-400 and compared the terms of the purchase of Russian systems and American Patriot.

Russia offered Turkey better conditions for the sale of its anti-missile systems than the United States. This statement Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made on June 4 before journalists after a prayer in honor of the end of a long fast (Eid al-Fitr), reports Haberturk.

“The United States has not made such great offers in relation to the Patriot missile systems which Russia has done with its S-400,” — said the Turkish leader.

Erdogan also said that the transaction for the purchase of anti-aircraft missile systems is concluded and is not subject to revision. “We have an agreement, we have determination,” he said, confirming that Ankara does not intend to retreat.

The President also recalled that Turkey will create a joint group with the United States to discuss disagreements over the supply of Russian complexes to Ankara.

On May 29, Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the supply of Russian air defense systems S-400 in Turkey is carried out earlier than originally scheduled at the request of the Turkish side.

The agreement provides for the supply of four divisions of Turkey S-400, the amount of the contract is $2.5 billion.

Washington opposes the deal. The US claims that Russian air defense systems cannot be integrated into the NATO system. Washington threatened Ankara with sanctions, including the curtailment of the program of production and supply of F-35 fighters to Turkey. At the same time, instead of the S-400, the US offers the ally to buy more expensive Patriot air defense systems of American production.