The draft statement says that the countries “are united in a principled approach to the Russian Federation and will give a decisive response to negative behavior and hostile actions,” Bloomberg reports.

Representatives of the European Union (EU) countries proposed to the US administration to make a joint statement on the intention to adhere to a unified approach to Russia, as well as to counteract the actions of the Russian side, which they consider hostile. Bloomberg reported this.

The journalists got acquainted with the draft of this document. According to the agency, EU representatives earlier this week invited Washington to make this joint statement at the summit of the leaders of the European Union and the United States. It is scheduled to take place on June 15 in Brussels. As the agency reminds, a meeting of the Presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States, Vladimir Putin, and Joe Biden, is scheduled for June 16 in Geneva.

The draft statement reads: “We are united in our principled approach to Russia and will respond decisively to its periodic negative behavior and hostile actions.” “We will maintain close consultation and cooperation on the full range of common challenges and opportunities as part of our comprehensive approach to China,” the agency quotes another excerpt from the document.

It notes that the EU and the US “can leave behind the disputes on trade,” which took place, in particular, during the reign of the previous US president Donald Trump, and also step up cooperation in the field of preventing climate change. The EU countries invite the United States to declare “joining forces to prevent conflicts and resolve them peacefully, strengthen the rule of law and international law, and protect human rights.” In addition, the document says that the summit in Brussels will allow the EU and the United States to “strengthen international institutions and cooperation in the field of foreign policy and security.” The agency notes that the work on the text continues, the wording may be changed. According to Bloomberg, the parties at the summit, in particular, may announce the intensification of economic cooperation and criticize Russia.