The European Union continues to do whatever it takes to force electronics manufacturers to switch to a single charging port, of which USB-C is chosen. But this does not suit everyone. Apple is reluctant to ditch Lightning and says the adoption of USB-C as a standard will hurt innovation. The EU does not agree with this statement.

The move to USB-C is unlikely to be a problem for Android device manufacturers. Now even budget smartphones are equipped with a symmetrical connector. Apple uses USB-C in most tablets, while all iPhones have Lightning.

The California-based company has already criticized the EU initiative. Back in 2007, Apple said that adopting a single standard would hurt innovation. Now she recalled her own statement 14 years ago.

However, Anna Cavazzini, President of the European Parliament, declares that the fears of the American company are groundless. According to her, the adoption of a single standard for ports leaves room for the adoption of a new standard in the future and provides an opportunity for technological development.

It’s not entirely clear why Apple is opposed to the USB-C switch. This looks at least odd considering that USB-C is installed in all current MacBooks and most iPad tablets. In addition to smartphones, Lightning remains in the cheapest iPad and iPad Touch.