After it became known that Prince Harry was planning to publish his memoirs, insiders suggested what it would mean for his relations with relatives.

The Star Daily edition, citing an expert on the royal family, writes that the conflict will flare up if Harry mentions his stepmother.

The media write that if the author begins to describe the history of relations with his stepmother, it will mean the beginning of a new war with the family.

We are talking about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who, according to experts, was the mistress of Prince Charles during his marriage to Lady Diana.

It is also reported that Prince Harry did not maintain a close relationship with his father’s new wife.

Analysts believe that if Harry publishes information from someone else’s personal life, the consequences can be “devastating.”

The fact is that in the future, the current duchess may become the new queen.

In addition, such a decision by Prince Harry will have a very negative impact on Queen Elizabeth II.

Experts do not rule out that in the end, a fatal outcome or the transfer of power to the eldest son Charles (Prince Harry’s father) is not excluded.

The relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla began in the 1970s. The couple stopped hiding them only after the death of Princess Diana.