Experts told about the dangerous new missile of the MiG-31 fighter

Military Watch evaluated the new combat capabilities of the MiG-31. The new missile expanded the capabilities of the aircraft in close air combat.

Military Watch evaluated the installation of the new R-74M short-range missiles on the MiG-31BM / BSM fighter-interceptors. In general, this aircraft was adopted 40 years ago. He can fly at very high altitudes and use weapons there. The problem is that the fighter is not very suitable for close combat, and it cannot perform complex maneuvers.

Experts noted that the new R-74M missile compensates for this shortcoming. Compared to the R-73, it is much more dangerous – the maximum launch range of the R-74 has been increased from 30 km to 40 km. The missile can fire at targets at a distance of up to 300 m and change the target during flight. This is possible due to the use of a more advanced system of gas-dynamic rudders. It allows the R-74 to hit targets at extreme angles with increased payload and engagement angles.

The Russian military is increasingly relying on the MiG-31, especially in the Arctic. That is why the integration of the R-74 is an important step towards the modernization of the aircraft, experts conclude.

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