Scientists from the University of Liverpool concluded that infrasound helps seabirds navigate space. At long distances, other signals are not informative for them.

Birds traverse vast areas over the ocean, but the mechanisms that they use to navigate and navigate during flights are still unclear.

The researchers looked at the physics of low-frequency sound and the physiology of how birds can hear it. They hypothesized that seabirds use information provided by various infrasound sources for navigation.

Infrasound plays an important role as a navigation signal, but empirical studies are needed to fully test this hypothesis.

“We speculate that infrasound could be an important signal for seabird navigation, especially over long distances. But research is needed that will combine data on seabird movement and in situ infrasound measurements in one model, ”said Dr. Samantha Patrick, author of the study.

Seabirds use their sense of smell to guide long-range flights, but that doesn’t explain how the birds manage to travel such long distances. How they navigate over the faceless ocean, flying hundreds of kilometers, is one of the mysteries of nature that has not yet been solved by scientists.