Eyewitnesses of the filming of “The Flash” on the streets of London are sharing footage from the site in social networks with might and main. One of the observers filmed performance of the Supergirl stunt, played by Sasha Kalle in the solo project of Ezra Miller. The user filmed the “flight” of the heroine from afar, but you can still see that Supergirl performs a pirouette over the ground and lands.

Fans of the Gotham City Defender were delighted to find the Batmobile in the center of the British capital, allegedly driven by Michael Keaton, who plays a retro version of the superhero in a bat costume.

Also, the audience is waiting for a kind of Wonder Woman cameo. Footage from a film set with a bus with an advertisement for the Central City Children’s Fund and Diana in combat gear appeared on the Web.

Recall that the filming of “The Flash” started in the UK in the spring. The solo story of Barry Allen tells about his attempt to prevent the death of his mother, his impulse will lead to a temporary paradox. According to the expectations of fans, two parallel worlds will collide, where there are Batmen and Flash. The premiere of the picture is scheduled for November 3, 2022.