Facebook interviewed users about their well-being and shared the data with scientists. This will allow you to plan ahead in which regions of the United States you may need additional medical care.

The social network Facebook conducts a survey of American users about their well-being as part of a research project at Carnegie Mellon University. It aims to create a heat map of the United States associated with coronavirus infection.

The survey link appears at the top of the user feeds. These data will tell researchers where potentially more medical resources might be needed. Facebook noted that if this approach is successfully applied, surveys may become available to users in other countries.

The text of Facebook notes that researchers will receive anonymous data and not individual user responses to questions. Therefore, doctors or country authorities will not know who sent these data.

In addition to location information, the company will begin to provide a “social link index” showing the likelihood that users might be in contact with each other. This will allow researchers to predict in advance in which regions the coronavirus can spread most intensively.