Facebook will change its name to Meta, its founder Mark Zuckerberg said at the presentation of the rebranding of the corporation. This name corresponds to the concept of the “metaverse,” also presented at the annual Connect21 conference.

“We are now called Meta,” he said. Zuckerberg also presented the company’s logo in the form of a blue Mobius ribbon.

“I used to like classical studies and the word Meta comes from the Greek word meaning “after.” For me, it symbolizes the fact that you can always build something else,” Zuckerberg said. According to the company’s founder, Meta users will not need Facebook to use the company’s other services.

Meta will be the name of the company that also owns WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus, and other services and applications. The social network will keep its name. Thus, the company’s management wants to show that it is more than just a social network.

Zuckerberg spoke about the possibilities of the “metaverse.” For example, users can invite friends to watch movies with them in the digital space and exchange messages using bracelets that will recognize the smallest movements of users’ hands. In addition, with the help of virtual reality glasses, it will be possible to control household appliances.

It is assumed that the digital space can also be used for training — for example, medical students will be able to conduct “trial” operations in it, and mechanics will be able to learn how to repair mechanisms using VR.

Earlier, Zuckerberg said that the company will develop its own “metaverse” — a digital space that will work on virtual reality headsets, mobile devices, and game consoles.