Studio Wube Software recalled that six years have passed since the appearance of the construction sandbox Factorio on Steam. As we remember, the game went into early access on the Valve store in early 2016.

The developers boasted that for all the time since the premiere, they managed to sell more than 3.1 million copies. At the same time, Factorio did not participate in sales and was not sold in sets, but the demand for it is still stable.

Now the game is set to premiere on Steam Deck, and the creators of Factorio are happy with how it looks and works on the new console. However, so far there are problems with control: the sandbox was developed for the mouse and keyboard, but the studio promises to work on controller support.

For now, players will have to be patient as they manually customize their Steam Deck controls. However, the Steam Input feature supports the use of community-made layouts, so convenience is probably only a matter of time.