The head of the IIHF said that due to the time difference will be inconveniences.

The international ice hockey Federation (IIHF) does not need to hold the next world Championships in North America. This was stated by the IIHF President Rene Fasel to journalists.

The USA hosted the world Championships three times, the last time – in 1962. In Canada, the tournament was held once-in 2008.

“I think that we do not need to hold the world Championships in North America in the near future,” Fazel said. – We’re very concerned about the Stanley Cup overlay. We believe that the world Cup is more of a European tournament, and because of the time difference there will be inconveniences. In 2023, the tournament will be hosted by Russia, in 2024, most likely, the Czech Republic, and in 2025-Sweden”.

“In 2008, it was the centenary of the Canadian ice hockey Federation, and the tournament was very successful. But then we were lucky that “Montreal” early flew out of the Stanley Cup, ” – added the head of the IIHF.

The world Cup 2019 will be held in Slovakia. Switzerland will host the tournament in 2020 and Belarus and Latvia in 2021. The world Cup 2022 will be held in Finland.