FBI to focus on combating hate crimes

According to statistics, during 2020, almost 7.5 thousand crimes were committed in the United States, the motive of which was hatred or intolerance.

According to FBI statistics, almost 7,500 hate crimes were reported in the United States in 2020, which is the highest figure in the last ten years.

The FBI report notes a significant increase in the number of attacks on African Americans and Asian Americans.

According to experts, the official figures are often lower than the actual ones since most victims of hate crimes do not contact the police.

According to human rights activist Michael Lieberman, who studied statistics, 70 U.S. cities with a population of more than 100 thousand people did not inform the FBI about hate crimes committed in their jurisdiction.

In October, the FBI announced the launch of a nationwide information campaign to motivate victims and witnesses to report hate crimes to law enforcement agencies.

Hate crimes are criminal offenses whose motive was predetermined by prejudice against a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ethnicity.

According to statistics, in Mississippi – a southern state where African Americans make up 38% of the population – there is a sharp increase in such crimes. According to local law enforcement agencies, 14 such crimes were recorded in 2019 and 64 in 2020.

The FBI works closely with the state police to investigate crimes motivated by hatred or intolerance.

Defenders of victims of such crimes welcome the involvement of the FBI, emphasizing that in some cases, the local police do not have the proper training to classify hate crimes.

Thus, according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice, on average, more than 200 thousand incidents motivated by hatred or prejudice are reported throughout the country.

Meanwhile, 7,426 hate crimes were reported in the United States in 2020. This is an increase of 25% over the past five years.

FBI data, in particular, show that the number of such crimes against black people has increased from 1,930 to 2,755. The number of crimes against people of Asian origin has increased from 158 to 274.

Some human rights activists believe that the number of attacks on Asian Americans has increased after statements by former President Donald Trump blaming China for the COVID-19 pandemic and calling the coronavirus a “Chinese virus.”

Law enforcement officials have also increased attention to groups of white extremists, supporters of the theory of the superiority of the white race, in particular, in connection with the riots in the U.S. Congress building on January 6 this year.

At the same time, white supremacists are responsible for a relatively small number of crimes reflected in official statistics. At the same time, statistics indicate a disproportionately large number of hate crimes committed by minors and against minors.

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