The Finnish railway company VR Group has been suspending the movement of Allegro trains running between St. Petersburg and Helsinki since March 28. This is reported by the publication Helsingin Sanomat.

According to the publication, the Minister for European Affairs and Property Management of Finland, Tytti Tuppurainen, previously sent a notification to VR Group about the impracticability of further operation of trains due to the imposition of sanctions.

“Until now, we have continued to use Allegro in accordance with official instructions, and the goal was to provide Finns with access to Finland. During these weeks, people who wanted to leave Russia managed to leave the country,” said Topi Simola, Director of Passenger Transportation at VR-Group Ltd.

In early March, the manufacturer of Allegro trains, the French company Alstom, announced the suspension of all deliveries to Russia. On March 22, Siemens also suspended the contract for the supply of new Sapsan electric trains.