The Finnish government will send Ukraine bulletproof vests, helmets and permits the supply of field guns, the country’s Cabinet of Ministers reported on Sunday.

“Finland is sending 2,000 bulletproof vests and 2,000 composite helmets, 100 stretchers and two military hospitals. The government has also granted Estonia a license to re-export field guns and ammunition purchased in Finland for re-export to Ukraine,” the message reads.

Finland supports the initiative of the EU High Representative to use the European Peace Fund to assist Ukraine, including with regard to military equipment.

“In addition, at the beginning of the week Finland will send humanitarian material assistance to Ukraine through the EU civil protection mechanism. Assistance includes, in particular, medical equipment. Additional financial assistance will be collected and delivered in the coming weeks,” the Cabinet of Ministers clarifies.

Earlier (on February 17 and 24), Finland had already decided to provide new financial assistance to Ukraine totaling 14 million euros, of which 8.2 million euros – humanitarian aid, and 5.8 million euros – funds for the development of cooperation.

The Cabinet’s message also contains a “strong condemnation” of military actions in Ukraine and support for the “independence, sovereignty, self-determination and territorial integrity” of this country.