However, Nokia intends to maintain the operability of telecommunications networks in Russia.

Finnish telecommunications company Nokia has announced the termination of work in Russia.

“From the first days of the invasion of Ukraine, it was obvious to Nokia that further presence in Russia was impossible. In recent weeks, we have stopped deliveries, stopped new business and are moving our limited research activities outside of Russia. Now we can announce our withdrawal from the Russian market,” the company said in a statement.

However, Nokia intends to continue to maintain the operability of telecommunications networks in Russia and will apply for licenses necessary to provide this support in the face of sanctions.

On the eve of the Swedish company Ericsson, which together with Nokia and China’s Huawei is one of the three global suppliers of telecommunications equipment, suspended work in Russia and sent Russian employees to idle.

In a message on the company’s website, this was explained by the latest events and EU sanctions against Moscow in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The fifth package of sanctions imposed on April 8 banned the supply of equipment to Russia for civil communications networks to operators that are more than 50 percent controlled by the state.