Fish with human teeth found in the United States

Researchers from the United States have published a photograph of a sheep-headed fish. Her teeth are very similar to human teeth, although she is not dangerous.

The researchers noted that it is a sheep-headed fish (archosargus probatocephalus), also known as a convict fish due to the dark stripes that run across its gray body and resemble a stereotypical prison uniform. This fish is rare but commonly found along the Atlantic coast, from New York to Brazil. They can grow up to 91 cm in length and feed on oysters, molluscs, crustaceans and even plant matter.

This fish has teeth that resemble human teeth. It has three rows of molars in the upper and two rows in the lower jaw to better penetrate the shells of prey. But it is the incisors of the fish that look as close as possible to human ones – they are even covered with enamel.

The teeth of a fish develop gradually over the course of life as the animal grows and moves from feeding on predominantly soft-bodied animals to molluscs. In the photograph of the scientists, two new rows of molars are visible growing in the back of the lower jaw of the fish.

The researchers note that this fish is not dangerous to humans. “I would not hesitate to swim in the waters with these fish. They do not pose a threat to humans if they are not pursued. Since sheepheads are good for food, they are often caught by anglers, but after being caught there is a possibility of being bitten or pricked by the sharp spines of the fin, ”said David Catania of the California Academy of Sciences.

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