Five NATO ships entered the port of Odesa as part of the Sea Breeze exercise. They will stay there until July 28, according to the local newspaper.

Commander of the Naval Forces of the Armed forces of Ukraine Alexey Neizhpapa on Monday said that the international exercise Sea Breeze-2020 has begun in the Black sea. In total, it was planned to involve about 2,000 people from nine countries, more than 20 ships, as well as planes and helicopters. In addition to Ukraine and the United States, the military of Bulgaria, Georgia, Norway, France, Romania, Spain, and Turkey participate in Sea Breeze 2020.

“Early this morning, five NATO ships headed by the flagship of the SNMG2 group entered the port of Odesa. First, about 7 o’clock (coincides with Moscow time), moored in the naval base “South,” which is in the Practical Harbor, corvettes-the Romanian “Kontradmiral Sebastian” (Board 264) and the Bulgarian “Bodry” (Board 14). By 9 o’clock, the main sea Breeze strike force began to arrive at the port. Frigates — Spanish (SNMG2 flagship) F101 “Alvaro de Bazan,” Turkish F243 “Yildirim” and Romanian F222 “Regina Maria” – were moored at berths 18, 19 and 20, the newspaper writes.

It is noted that four ships, in addition to the Spanish one, have already visited Odessa.

“Alvaro de Bazan is equipped with an analog of the American combat information and control system “aegis.” The ship’s primary strike weapon is the Harpoon anti-ship missiles. Also, it has 48 MK 41 vertical launch shafts for various missiles, torpedo launchers, and artillery weapons. Bazan carries one SH-60 Seahawk anti-submarine helicopter. The ships will stay in Odessa until July 28,” the message reads.