The word korgan, translated from the ancient Turkic language, means “protected place” or “castle”. It is with a well-fortified and safe structure, as conceived by the designer, this vehicle should be associated.

FNSS Korgan – a military-designed amphibious hybrid car with remote control, ballistic protection, and modularity, which, if necessary, allows you to transform it to perform various missions.

The concept provides for a large enough interior space to accommodate many different modular solutions. The combat vehicle is capable of transporting 14 people, acting as a command post, an ambulance, a fire engine, as well as transporting ammunition and fuel.

Korgan inside

With intelligent drive control, a diesel-electric hybrid power supply, and easily replaceable two battery modules, Korgan delivers top performance in any terrain.

When developing the hull and the concept of the layout of the armored vehicle, special emphasis was placed on maximum practicality. Electrically operated double-wing gullwing side doors and a wide tailgate with a retractable ramp allow servicemen to exit the vehicle at high speed.

The independent suspension system, airless tires, and the highest lean angles give Korgan countless advantages over rough terrain. Thanks to two unmanned drones located in the niches in front of the combat vehicle, it is possible to conduct reconnaissance of the surrounding area in advance in order to avoid possible threats.

FNSS Korgan concept

In addition, with the help of a retractable 360-degree front camera and four lidar sensors, the vehicle can be remotely controlled or, if necessary, complete unmanned missions.

The project was created by Turkish designer Emre Husmen for the FNSS Mildesign International Land Vehicle Design Contest, hosted annually by the US-Turkish military-industrial consortium FNSS, and won one of its prizes in 2019.