Another former head of the company spoke out about harassment and discrimination in the ranks of Blizzard Entertainment. Chris Metzen, who served as senior vice president of history development and franchising prior to leaving, has issued an apology to the victims.

Metzen said that he let down his own employees, because he always did not have the time and opportunity to listen, communicate, see how things are on the ground. He admits that in the current atmosphere there is also his share of guilt, because from his high position, many things looked different.

There is no excuse. We let too many people down when they needed us, because we had the privilege of not noticing, not delving into, not creating the proper environment for colleagues who needed us as leaders. I wish my apology could change something. But they can’t.

Chris Metzen

Chris Metzen left Blizzard in 2016 to devote himself to his family. But last year he decided to go back to making games, and in the spring he announced the tabletop role-playing campaign Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent.