Polish President Andrzej Duda told reporters what the base with the US military would look like on the territory of the country, which the head of state proposed to call “Fort Trump.”

Duda arrived in the United States on Wednesday. The topic of his talks with us leader Donald trump is cooperation in the military and security, healthcare, energy, including nuclear.

Poland has previously expressed a desire to Finance the presence of American troops on its territory. In particular, the country’s authorities offered to permanently deploy an American armored division, paying expenses of 1.5-2 billion dollars.

Duda, in turn, gave a variant of the base’s name-Fort Trump, at which the American President laughed.

“This became the name of a certain military-political action that we were conducting, which I wanted to carry out, which I addressed to the US President – that is, an increase in the American presence in Poland and on the Eastern flank of NATO and in the meaning of military units and people, and in the meaning of infrastructure,” Duda told reporters in Washington.
He also explained that means “Fort Trump.”

“Please note that today in Poland there are many places where American soldiers are located, where there is infrastructure, where American soldiers are serving. So “Fort Trump” – this I can safely say – is not the name of a military base in the physical sense. This is only a general name for actions that increase the American military presence in Poland, which are carried out during the presidency of Donald Trump,” he added.