Forza Horizon 5 authors spoke about 11 regions

As you know, the action of Forza Horizon 5 will unfold in Mexico, and the terrain here is by no means monotonous, so the creators of the game decided to tell about the regions that will meet fans of high speeds.

The developers note that they intend to create the largest Forza Horizon, and this would not have been possible without demonstrating the extraordinary contrasts of the new territory. Fortunately, there are all conditions for this: in Mexico you can find high mountains and deserts, and picturesque coastlines, and jungles …
In general, the authors of the game recreated 11 regions and biomes in it, which will change with the change of the season.

This biome was shown in the June trailer for Forza Horizon 5. There are many rock formations here, and in the canyon more often than anywhere else you can hear echoes.

Tropical coast
The very place that you think of when you imagine the perfect vacation somewhere on the beach near the sea-ocean. Palm trees, seagulls and white sand are practically paradise until the stormy season, when the wind can even pluck those palm trees and lift them into the air.

The local hills are covered with lush vegetation and fruit trees, and nearby are wide, but shallow streams.

Arid hills
There is plenty of dry grass in these hills and plains, and the open spaces will delight off-road enthusiasts. And there is also a lake that disappears in winter, opening up new paths.

They are filled with various plants and towering trees for unique lighting, and meandering rivers and waterfalls can also be found. In addition, adventure lovers can find ancient temples.

Inhabited desert
Cacti, saguaro, rocks … And all this is full of life, different flowers and animals.

Rocky shore
Noticeably different from the Tropical Coast, full of trees and plants. Here you can see the ocean perfectly, and how the sun sets here! They say that at sunset you can’t take your eyes off him. Plus you can find a golf course on this shore.

Sandy desert
Dunes, dunes and dunes again. Ideal for buggy. The developers, as it were, tease the players, suggesting that they try to gain the highest speed here.

It would seem that the terrain is not at all for racing, but still shallow water allows you to ride perfectly and not die from the virtual heat. And the local thickets are largely destructible – especially during high-speed races.

Guanajuato city
A city of colors, contrasts and stunning architecture, with many hills and tunnels, which should make the race more interesting. And, as in the case of the canyon, the echo will be heard well here.

There is a huge mountain right behind the inhabited desert. The trip to the top will be a unique experience for all players – the view will be extraordinary. And you can also see snow here!

Recall that Forza Horizon 5 will be released on November 9 on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, as well as Xbox Game Pass.

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