The head coach of the American national team said that the team should play a more consistent game.

The American men’s national basketball team on Sunday was defeated by France with a score of 76: 83. This is the first defeat of the Olympic team since 2004 and only the sixth in the entire history of the tournament.

The Americans had a good first half of the match, leading 45: 37 to the break, but lost in the third period.

In the fourth period, the American basketball players managed to briefly restore the advantage, but the French did not give up and won the first victory over the US national team in the history of the Olympic Games.

American basketball star Kevin Durant got a foul early in the game, and it was difficult for him to get into a rhythm. He was out of the game by the end of the match.

The US national team has won Olympic gold 15 times since 1936.

However, her recent performances suggest that it will not be as easy to climb to the top step of the podium this time as before, after the basketball players lost two consecutive exhibition matches this month, including an unexpected defeat to the Nigerian national team.

The head coach of the national team, Gregg Popovich, said that the team should be more consistent, and pointed out several missed moments.

“Inconsistent defense, a large number of offensive errors, possession of the ball when we didn’t move and made ill-considered shots. We need to look at this, get to work, and try to become better,” he said.

There are other results of Sunday’s matches. In Group A, the Czech Republic defeated Iran with a score of 84: 78.

In group B, Australia defeated Nigeria (84: 67), and Italy defeated Germany (92:82). On Wednesday, the United States will play with Iran, France will meet with the Czech Republic, Australia with Italy, and Germany with Nigeria.