The news that Prince Harry is going to release a memoir about his life apprehensive representatives of the royal family and his friends from military service and studies at Eton.

The Daily Mail reported.

It is noted that some of them have already asked Harry not to mention them in the book.

— There are fears that he will reveal the details of his hedonistic youth, which, according to some, may damage their career and personal life in the present, – one of the friends of the Duke of Sussex told reporters.

As you know, Harry’s young years were quite stormy, and he often got into scandals. Among the most resonant are a party in Las Vegas, where the prince was captured naked, and pictures from a costume party, where he came in the image of a Nazi.

As one of the insiders of the publication emphasized, if Harry writes about any of his school and military friends, they promised to come out of the shadows and tell their version of events.

The Daily Mail also claims that relations with some of Harry’s friends have been very strained in recent years. One of the reasons for the “cooling” was that they were not invited to the prince’s wedding with Meghan Markle in 2018. Also, many ties were cut off after the couple moved to California.