From the testimony of the pilot Hans Baur, the circumstances of the death of Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun, as well as Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and his family became known.

The Federal Security Service published a photo of Adolf Hitler’s personal pilot, Gruppenfuhrer and police Lieutenant General Hans Baur, a card from his personal file, as well as testimony during interrogations. The documents are posted on the FSS website.

“Documents from the investigative case on Hans Baura stored in the Office of the FSS of Russia for the Novgorod Region are being published for the first time,” the message says.

It was thanks to the testimony of Baur and other people from Hitler’s entourage that the circumstances of the death of the Fuhrer, his wife Eva Braun, as well as the Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany Joseph Goebbels and his wife Magda became known.

“From the testimony of eyewitnesses, it followed that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, who married him the day before, committed suicide on April 30, 1945, and on May 1 they were followed by Joseph and Magda Goebbels, who had previously killed six of their children, whose corpses Soviet soldiers found in a bunker,” the report says.

On May 13, 1945, employees of the Smersh counterintelligence department found the bodies of Hitler and Brown in the garden of the Reich Chancellery, the authenticity of which was confirmed during numerous examinations, the FSS noted.

In addition to Baur, the Chief of Defense of the Citadel sector (Reich Chancellery and bunker) gave testimony about the last days of Hitler’s life Wilhelm Mohnke, head of the Fuhrer’s personal guard Hans Rattenhuber, senior valet Heinz Linge and personal adjutant Otto Gunsche, the report says.

Hitler assumed the post of Reich Chancellor in January 1933. In 1934, after the death of President Paul von Hindenburg, the post of president was abolished, and Hitler became the full-fledged leader of Germany.

After that, he began to implement the policy of National Socialism, banned the Communist and socialist parties, and organized a mass genocide of Jews.

In 1939, Nazi Germany attacked Poland, and in 1940 occupied Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and invaded France. In June 1941, Hitler attacked the Soviet Union.

By the forces of the anti—Hitler coalition, primarily the USSR, the USA and the UK, European countries were liberated, and Germany was defeated and taken under control by the allies. Hitler committed suicide during the storming of Berlin. After the war, the Nuremberg trial of a group of former leaders of Nazi Germany, who were convicted of violating the laws of war, as well as crimes against humanity and peace, took place.