Attempts to automate the cooking process are constantly being made, but in most cases this is a demonstration of technology, and not a real entry into the commercial market. The Pazzi Pizzeria in Paris is the first pizzeria to move to a new level of automation after 8 years of research and development. Now the whole process is carried out by robots, and customers are satisfied with the quality and taste of the products served.

Since pizza preparation involves a number of complex steps, different robotic mechanisms are used for each. One prepares the dough, another shapes it, a third applies tomato sauce, etc. So in just a few minutes, visitors can have a fully cooked pizza.

The owner assures that it takes about a minute to prepare a pizza. Baking is done in a 6-pizza oven and is pretty quick too. Packaging and slicing is also done by robots, and the price of pizza ranges from 7 to 14 euros, which is comparable to prices in conventional pizzerias.